Senator Amidala certainly didn’t seem inclined to treat Master Kenobi as a dangerous outlaw… Quite the contrary, in fact: she seemed to have fallen into his arms, and her voice was thoroughly choked with emotion as she expressed a possibly inappropriate level of joy at finding the Jedi still alive.


→ Targaryen archetype: Valyrian eyes


Pavillon Amalienburg im Nymphenburg Schloßpark, München, Deutschland.

The more I think about it the more I wish that there was some way they could’ve incorporated Richard’s scoliosis into the The White Queen.

Because then there could be scenes of Richard shaking off people being “cautious” with him.

And working very personally with the armorer to minimize his difficulties.

And proving himself in battle.

And George would’ve been like, “oh wow you can kinda kick ass”

And Richard would be like  “MY DISABILITY DOESN’T DEFINE ME so yeah”

And Isabel would probably tell Anne, “His affliction was a judgement from God” (because that was the general belief at the time)

and Anne would be like “I’m calling bullshit on that because have you seen how beautiful that boy’s face is”

and then anne’s hands on his back would have so much resonance

someone please make me a gif set or a graphic or something about this

I think I could turn into you if I really tried. I mean inside.

I am not Elisabet Vogler. You are Elisabet Vogler.



'Histoire de doña Maria d'Avalos et du duc d'Andria' by Anatole France; illustrated and decorated by Léon Lebègue. Published 1902 by Librairie des bibliophiles, Paris.

Description: Maria D’Avalos was an Italian princess during the later part of the Italian Renaissance. She was married to Carlo Gesualdo, one of the noblest men in Naples and a famous musician. But Maria, neglected by her husband, fell in love with another nobleman, don Fabrizio Carafa, with whom she began a love affair. When her husband found out, he pretended to go on a hunting trip but instead he returned that same night and caught them in the act. He murdered them both in their bed and left their mutilated bodies in front of the palace for everyone to see.
See the complete book here.

Robert Peake the Elder - Portrait of a Woman, Possibly Frances Cotton, Lady Montagu, of Boughton Castle, Northamptonshire (detail).

Sophia Loren in front of a wall of Azaleas in Italy, 1964. Photo by Mario De Biasi