With six degrees of (sexual) separation, Oscar Wilde can be connected to George Bernard Shaw, Arthur Miller, and Greta Garbo. And that’s beautiful.

Britain vows to hunt down ‘evil’ killers of aid worker


Muscat Daily News Prime Minister David Cameron vowed Sunday that Britain would hunt down the killers of an aid worker beheaded by the Islamic State, which he described as the “embodiment of evil”.


FAKE TV SHOW MEME - the romanov grand duchesses

1913. The tsarevich Alexei, child heir to the throne of Russia, hovers on the brink of death. The royal family can do nothing but wait and hope that their friend, controversial mystic Rasputin, can once again save Alexei from the symptoms of haemophilia. 

The royal family consists of father Tsar Nicholas II, mother Alix, hated by the Russian populace for her German heritage, and their daughters: Olga, stately and dutiful; Tatiana, reserved and religious; Maria, beautiful and shy, and Anastasia, untameable and vivacious. Raised in the grand palaces and opulence of the Golden Era, the Romanov children are kept grounded and sheltered by their parents and a close knit group of tutors and advisors.

As Russia goes to war and the Romanov sisters enter adolesence, their lives are increasingly influenced by the political instability that begins to penetrate the isolated world of the grand duchesses and those closest to them.

They are the imperial family, all at once the embodiment of Russia and so distant from the struggles of an increasingly impoverished and restless people. Five children - four powerful girls all overshadowed by the heir they all waited for, who brought with him the sickness that would be the last chapter in the history of the Romaov line.




Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, France #rememberingjim and Steven Sotloff.


donna noble appreciation week

day one: the moment you fell in love with donna


A fashion plate from Journal des dames et des modes.


Corset sans busc lacé par devant.

Vivre Sa Vie (1962) dir.Jean-Luc Godard